Thursday, June 18, 2009

Windshield History CDs

The Abilene and Fort Worth cultural tourism folks have produced a pair of CDs that tell about the history of the towns you drive by on the way from Fort Worth to Abilene or Abilene to Fort Worth.

The CDs are called "Windshield History" and they offer interesting vignettes along the 150-mile stretch of West Texas that a little more than a century ago was the Texas frontier.

Conceived and written by McMurry University history professors Don Frazier and Robert Pace, the CDs involve a number of Abilene residents who portray characters from the past bringing alive the story of their part of Texas.

The first CD, which came out three years ago, follows Highways 180 and 351 from Fort Worth to Abilene, passing through towns like Mineral Wells, Breckenridge and Albany. The new CD, released this month, follows Interstate 20 from Abilene to Fort Worth, with pieces on places like Clyde, Baird, Cisco, Ranger, Thurber and Weatherford.

Great for a summer road trip and reasonably priced at $5.99 each, the CDs are available online at or by calling Texas Star at 325-672-9696.