Monday, June 15, 2009

3 National Championships

In all the glory years of Texas A&M athletics (and there have been quite a few, though not many in my years, 1962-66), the Aggies have won just four national championships -- 1939 football being the one we are most likely to talk about. The women Aggies won three softball championships in the 1980s,.

Now, all of a sudden, A&M has won three national championships in just two weeks:

-- Men's golf.

-- Women's track.

-- Men's track.

Well, that might not be all that impressive if you were from Ohio State, Florida, USC, or that U from Austin. But, even if we had no particular interest in golf or track, Aggies started paying attention when we were declared national champions in something other than engineering or ag research.

So, what does this have to do with Texas books, which is the point of this blog? Maybe nothing. But when the A&M golf team made a miraculous run that resulted in an incredible national championship, I suggested to Texas A&M Press that they might want to do a quick paperback book on it, and they seemed receptive and talked to an A&M author I recommended.

Then, whoop!, a couple of weeks later A&M won the two track national championships. So I'm not sure now where the book idea stands. But if it all comes to fruition, maybe we'll have a book to hold in our hands celebrating at least the golf championship, and maybe track too, when football season rolls around.