Monday, December 7, 2009

Etiquette for Kids

Here is a self-published book I came across that should be required reading for everyone ages 9 to 14. Heck, all the rest of us as well!

As an advocate of more civility, I heartily recommend this book.

Best Foot Forward: A Basic Guide to Good Manners for Kids (or Grownups Who Need a Little Reminder) by longtime middle school teacher Elizabeth Middleton is a book that is desperately needed these days. In very simple, straightforward language, Middleton offers practical etiquette advice on introductions, conversation, telephone use, table manners, correspondence, dances & parties, and dating.

Her Number 1 cardinal rule for young people dealing with adults? “Always look people in the eye!”

Every young person, from fourth grade up, should read this book. Parents, too! $14.99 paperback.

You can order Best Foot Forward by calling Texas Star Trading Company at 325-672-9696. Or e-mail